Teflon Hose

Teflon Hose


•    PVC ourter cover with various colors for selection like Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Black etc. 

•    #304 Stainless Steel braided layer

•    PTFE inner tube


•    PVC ourter cover

•    #304 Stainless Steel braided layer


•    Translucent Yellow

•    Translucent Smoke Black

•    Translucent Red

•    Translucent  Clear

•    Translucent Blue

Excellent Features

•    High-performance and customized look to pursue personal charm and colorful life

•    OE designed fittings and specific lengths to accommodate particular lift heights

•    Tougher and better structure to resist impacts and abrasions

•    Tested by independent Lab, exceeding DOT standards

•    100% pressure tested at 4250psi

•    Ultra high burst pressure ( 12,550-13,500 psi) to fit high speed and temperature

•    High and low temperature resistance -70℃ to +260℃ for longer life

•    Low expansion 0.000295cc/ft at 4,000 psi, close-to-zero


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