Single Axle

Single Axle

Single Axle Trailer come with 2 wheel disc brakes standards. KST brake hose kit is a great choice for a variety of applications,  our hose' DOT high quality suit perfectly for trailers with torsion axle suspension systems and trailers with disc and drum brakes.


Below is one example for your reference, any other types can be customized.


Flexible brake line, 4pcs(Teflon version is also available)

● Steel brake line, 2pcs

● Adapter, 3pcs

● Brass union, 1pc

● Hose bracket, 1pc

● Hose clip, 1pc

● Line Retaining Clip, 4pcs

● Line Retaining Clip Screw

● Line Tie Strap, 4pcs

● Self-tapping screws, 4pcs

● Brass Tee, 1pc


Available in varied lengths and stipulations as per the exact needs of our customers.

● Hose inner diameter: 1/8"

● Fitting size: 3/16"

● Thread size: 3/8"-24

Excellent Features

● Meet SAE standards and DOT certificated

● Easy installation with complete kit

● Designed for use on single-axle trailers with foldaway trailer tongues, disc brakes, drum brakes and torsion axles

● Swivel flare nut fittings have deep threads for safe connection to prevent leaks

● Swivels allow flare fittings to turn without twisting the hose

● Open area on flare fittings for better grip and minimizes the risk of stripping threads

● Corrosion-resistant, brass tee connects 3 hydraulic lines

● Clips secure hoses to your trailer's frame


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