Brake hose

Brake hose

International Standards

KST brake hose meets below international standards.

•    FMVSS 106 DOT

•    SAE J1401

•    ISO3996

•    GB16897-2010

•    JIS D2601-2006

•    FR31302-1973

•    ADR 7

•    NTC 977

•    TL-VW 82152

•    MS-EA70

•    ESA-M96D4-A

•    GM6403M-2002

Hose Sizes


Excellent Features

●  Low Expansion to improve brake caliper reaction time, reduce stopping distance and increase pedal feel

●  Worldwide unique tracking line ORANGE-ORANGE-BROWN inside hose

●  Scientific and reasonable structure EPDM+PVA+EPDM+PET+EPDM with five layers

●  First layer EPDM Outer Cover

Good abrasion resistance

*  Excellent ozone and UV resistance

*  Excellent high and low temperature resistance

*  High corrosion resistance and superior weather resistance

●  Second layer PVA Outer braid

*  Provide strong bond to outer cover and interleaf

*  Good flexibility resistance

*  Stable chemical performance ensures long service life

*  Comprehensive performance ensures all test results excellent

●  Third layer EPDM Middle Interleaf

*  The interleaf prevents abrasion between two braided layers

*  Increases resistance to water permeability

●  Fourth layer Plyester (PET) Inner braid

*  Provide a strong bond between the inner rubber and interleaf

*  The bonding of all 5 layers results in a very low volumetric expansion

*  Ensuring a positive and responsive feel when braking

●  Fifth layer EPDM Inner Tube

*  High performance in high and low temperature resistance range -50° C to 121°C,

*  Suitable for brake fluids DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 LV, DOT 5.1. etc

*  Excellent resistance to non-petroleum based brake fluids as defined by SAE J1703 and SAE J1705


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