Banjo bolt

Banjo bolt

Banjo bolt is used with copper washer sealing in brake system. We provide Banjo Bolts of various sizes for all applications. All our banjo bolts are made of high-quality materials for high performance, durability and reliability. Hardening and Tempering is 8.8. 


•    Metric

•    SAE

Excellent Features

•    Available in various thread sizes and lengths

•    Made with the latest production and advanced technologies in compliance with global quality parameters

•    smooth finish and resistance to corrosion, abrasion & extreme pressure

•    Direct replacement for a proper fit


Metric Thread M10x1, M10x1.25, M10X1.5, M12x1, M12x1.5, M14x1, M14x1.5, M16x1.5, M18x1.5, M20x1.5, M8x1.25 etc.

Imperial Thread 3/8-24, 3/8-20, 7/16-24, 7/16-20, 5/18, 1/2-20, etc.

KFBB0011045 WHITEM10×1H1434
KFBB002-21045 WHITEM10×1H1634
KFBB002-51045 WHITE7/16×20H1633.7
KFBB0021045 YELLOW7/16×20H1634
KFBB0031045 WHITE3/24×24H1428
KFBB004-21045 WHITE3/8×24H1628
KFBB0051045 WHITEM10×1H1427
KFBB0051045 ZINC-NICKLEM10×1H1427
KFBB0071045 WHITEM10×1H1229
KFBB0101045 WHITEM10×1H1231.5
KFBB0121045 WHITEM10×1H1228
KFBB0161045 WHITEM10×1.5H1132
KFBB0161045 YELLOWM10×1.5H1132
KFBB0171045 WHITE3/8×24H1429
KFBB019-21045 WHITE3/8×24H1425
KFBB019-2SS304 N/A3/8×24H1425
KFBB0211045 WHITE7/16×20H1728
KFBB0231045 WHITE7/16×20H1132
KFBB0231045 YELLOW7/16×20H1132
KFBB0251045 WHITE3/8×24H1231
KFBB0261045 WHITEM10×1.5H1128
KFBB0261045 ZINC-NICKLEM10×1.5H1128
KFBB0301045 WHITEM10×1H1430.5
KFBB0311045 YELLOWM12×1.5H1726.5
KFBB0371045 WHITEM12×1H1328.8
KFBB0371045 BLACKM12×1H1328.8
KFBB0371045 ZINC-NICKLEM12×1H1328.8
KFBB0381045 WHITEM10×1H1321
KFBB0381045 ZINC-NICKLEM10×1H1321
KFBB0401045 WHITEM10×1H1136.6
KFBB0401045 ZINC-NICKLEM10×1H1136.6
KFBB0421045 WHITEM12×1-M10×1H1732.5
KFBB044-21045 YELLOW

KFBB0441045 WHITE1/2×20-1/8×27NPTH1936
KFBB0441045 YELLOW1/2×20--1/8×27NPTH1936
KFBB0451045 WHITE7/16×24H1628
KFBB0461045 WHITE1/2×20H1936
KFBB0511045 WHITEM10×1.5H1424.5
KFBB0531045 WHITE7/16×20H1634
KFBB0561045 NICKLE7/16×20H1526.5
KFBB0571045 NICKLEM10×1.5H1425
KFBB0581045 BLACKM10×1.25H1428.1
KFBB0591045 WHITEM10×1H1530
KFBB0611045 WHITEM10×1H1422.5
KFBB0631045 WHITE7/16×24H1327
KFBB0641045 WHITEM10×1--M10×1H1733.5


•    Steel: 1045 , 230Mo7pb, Q215,

•    Brass:  62#, CuZn40, C27400,

•    Stainless steel: SS304


•    Zn-Ni alloy

•    Chrome 3+, White, Yellow, Black, Green


For all vehicles with hydraulic brake system including drum brake and disc brake conversion.

Car, Electric car, Pick up, SUV, Van, Light truck, Middle bus, Boat Trailer, Multi-purpose passenger vehicle (MPV), Light commercial vehicle (LCV), Golf cart, Recreational vehicle, Burden carrier, Tow tractor, Electric tram and cart, Off-road, Racing car, Hot rod, Muscle car, Motorsport, Tuning car, Modified car, Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, UTV, Three wheeler, Antique car, Vintage car, Classic car etc



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