Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes

Brake shoes are a vital component of a drum braking system. Brake shoe is to produce the friction needed to slow and stop the car. When the brake is applied, the shoe moves and presses the lining against the inside of the drum. The friction between lining and drum provides the braking effort. 

Material and Composition

The brake shoe carries the brake lining riveted or glued to the shoe.

It consists of a curved surface of steel covered on one side with an abrasive lining material.

Excellent Features

 ● Use all new steel and feature premium friction

 ● Premium friction material for quiet stopping

 ● Powder coated backing plate to resist corrosion

 ● Wear sensors included per OE


For all vehicles with hydraulic drum brake system.

Car, Electric car, Pick up, SUV, Van, Light truck, Middle bus, Boat Trailer, Multi-purpose passenger vehicle (MPV), Light commercial vehicle (LCV), Golf cart, Recreational vehicle, Burden carrier, Tow tractor, Electric tram and cart, Off-road, Racing car, Hot rod, Motorsport, Tuning car, Modified car, Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, UTV, Three wheeler, Antique car, Vintage car, Classic car etc


A worn or damaged brake shoe is a safety risk to yourself and other road users, and should be replaced every 50,000 miles. It's advisable to replace your brake shoes in sets to ensure even wear. During braking, there is natural wear of the friction material. The decreasing thickness of the friction material is compensated by a mechanical adjustment mechanism. However, it can only be compensated if there is sufficient friction material. When the wear limit is reached, the entire brake shoe must be replaced.


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